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Members of the Suhm group

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Alphabetical listing, by last name:

Sebastian Bocklitz

Phone: +49 551 39-12681
E-Mail: sebastian.bocklitz[at]

Sebastian Bocklitz is doing Ph.D. thesis research on Raman spectroscopy and microscopy of chain molecules

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Thomas Forsting

Phone: +49 551 39-33180
E-Mail: tforsti[at]

Thomas Forsting is doing Ph.D. thesis research on Raman spectroscopy of amide bond isomerization

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Maxim Gawrilow

Phone: +49 551 39-33180
E-Mail: mgawril[at]

Maxim Gawrilow is doing Ph.D. thesis research on Raman spectroscopy of isomerizations

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Hannes Gottschalk

Phone: +49 551 39-33180
E-Mail: h.gottschalk[at]

Hannes Gottschalk is doing Ph.D. thesis research on hydrogen vs. halogen bonding

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Petra Lawecki

Phone: +49 551 39-33112
E-Mail: pendler[at]

Petra Lawecki is our part-time group secretary

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Robert Medel

Phone: +49 551 39-14322 (office), -22766 (lab)
E-Mail: rmedel[at]

Robert Medel is doing Ph.D. thesis research on high pressure jet expansions and weak solvent interactions

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Katharina Meyer

Phone: +49 551 39-33180
E-Mail: katharina.meyer8[at]

Katharina Meyer is doing M.Sc. thesis research on carboxylic acid dimerization

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Sönke Oswald

Phone: +49 551 39-33180
E-Mail: soenke.oswald[at]

Sönke Oswald is doing Ph.D. thesis research on weakly bound clusters involving air components

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Anja Poblotzki

Phone: +49 551 39-33180
E-Mail: apoblot[at]

Anja Poblotzki is doing Ph.D. thesis research on the control of dispersion interactions

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Dr. Ulrich Schmitt

Phone: +49 551 39-33114
E-Mail: uschmit[at]

Ulrich Schmitt is a permanent staff member organzing much of the advanced practical course in physical chemistry and troubleshooting our research

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Professor Dr. Martin Suhm

Head of the group
Phone: +49 551 39-33111
E-Mail: msuhm[at]

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PD Dr. Thomas Zeuch

Phone: +49 551 39-33126
E-Mail: tzeuch1[at]

Thomas Zeuch is a permanent staff member doing much of the teacher training in physical chemistry and carrying out independent molecular beam and kinetics research

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