International Bunsen Discussion Meeting  2015, November 1-4                                               

Non-Adiabatic Effects in Chemical Kinetics, Dynamics, and Spectroscopy
Göttingen, Max-Planck-Institut für Biophysikalische Chemie
Organizers: Jürgen Troe, Alec Wodtke, Jörg Schroeder

The separation of electronic, rovibrational and translational motion greatly simplifies the analysis of molecular dynamics. However, there are plenty of situations where adiabaticity concepts like the Born-Oppenheimer approximation break down and nonadiabatic processes play a dominant role. This International Bunsen Discussion focuses on nonadiabatic effects in chemical kinetics, dynamics and spectroscopy and brings together theoreticians and experimentalists interested in an understanding of the relevance of such phenomena. Applications reach from photophysics and spectroscopy to elementary gas phase reactions, gas-surface processes and spin effects in physical organic chemistry. The meeting takes place in the town where the Born-Oppenheimer approximation was formulated first.


  • Theoretical concepts of adiabaticity
  • Nonadiabatic effects in elementary gas phase reactions
  • Nonadiabatic processes in physical organic chemistry
  • Nonadiabatic effects in spectroscopy
  • Nonadiabatic phenomena in gas-surface processes

Invited Speakers

  • L. Cederbaum (Heidelberg)
  • W. Domcke (München)
  • L. Halonen (Helsinki)
  • J. Harvey (Leuven)
  • E. Hasselbrink (Essen)
  • A. Kandratsenka (Göttingen)
  • A. Maergoiz (Göttingen)
  • F. Merkt (Zürich)
  • H. Nienhaus (Duisburg)
  • E. Nikitin (Haifa)
  • M. Quack (Zürich)
  • P. Saalfrank (Potsdam)
  • T. Schäfer (Göttingen)
  • H. Schwarz (Berlin)
  • S. Shaik (Jerusalem)
  • Martin Suhm (Göttingen)
  • A. Viggiano (Albuquerque)
  • Xueming Yang (Dalian)

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